• Isachsen is up until February 17th at dc3 art projects. Don't miss it.

    Click here to view recently uploaded stills from my trip to the station.

  • Proud to announce that the Isachsen exhibition is opening on January 12th at dc3 Art Projects in Edmonton. Will be up until February 16th. Thanks to the Edmonton Arts Council and the Alberta Foundation for the Arts for supporting this project.

  • Isachsen, and the Madness of a Lonely Man

    I have spent part of the past few months editing photographs taken during my trip to Isachsen, in April. My father worked at the remote Arctic weather station from 1974 -75. It was abandoned in 1978. Almost 40 years later, I arrived and documented its current state. The week I spent there was harsh, but extremely rewarding. It gave me a unique glimpse into my father's experience, and the impact it had on him.

    Below are a few images that will likely be included in the upcoming exhibition in 2017/18.

  • Transplant Documentaries - "Momento Mori" & "Vital Bonds"

    Proud to have been one of the cinematographers on these powerful films. Congrats to everyone who was involved in the project, especially the families who let us into their lives at such a difficult time.

    Momento Mori

    Memento Mori is an evocative cinematic journey alongside the living and the dying, bringing to the screen a human drama never-before captured on film. With remarkable access to Canada’s busiest organ-transplant hospital, we witness one of the most profound experiences in any human life: the loss of a child, and the agonizing decision this tragedy demands. Created by two acclaimed Canadian documentarians, director Niobe Thompson and producer Rosvita Dransfeld, Memento Mori grips the viewer in a relentless, emotional embrace—propelling us from moments of unexpected joy to unbearable heartbreak—until the very final frame. An arresting tour de force of vérité filmmaking, immersing us completely in a world few of us understand but which we’ll all one day encounter.

    Vital Bonds - The Nature of Things on CBC

    Watch the episode here:

    Take a fascinating journey inside the evolving science of transplants, where breakthrough discoveries are tackling the organ shortage and transforming the future of medicine.

  • Provideniya - June 2014

    Click here to visit the gallery.

    In June of 2014, I found myself trapped in Provideniya, Russia, a shadow of a former city on the eastern edge of Siberia. Director Niobe Thompson and I had finally managed to finish shooting the final sequence for the CBC documentary series “The Great Human Odyssey”, and were happy to be heading home.

    See the following link for the behind-the-scenes video from this shoot :

    Unfortunately, the weather turned bad, and our charter plane from Nome, Alaska was unable to fly in until the skies cleared. Over the next several days, I explored the former military port, and captured images of a few of the many abandoned factories, and decaying memories of a failed Soviet Empire.

  • Blair's Last Day

    "Blair's Last Day"

    Blair Maddox has been projecting IMAX films at the Space & Science Centre in Edmonton, Canada for almost 30 years. 'Blair's Last Day' documents his last day on the job before the IMAX theatre switches to a digital projection system, leaving Blair unemployed after projecting over 30,000 films.

    A video by aAron munson

    Duration: 5min 40sec


  • The Great Human Odyssey - Our journey has come to an end

    The final episode of The Great Human Odyssey aired last night on CBC TV. Thank you to everyone who helped to make this project possible. Check out the interactive adventure on our website:  

    I have started the process of going through the thousands of stills we took over the past few years, and will be sharing some of best images over the upcoming months. Check back soon. This one was taken in Chukotka, Russia in June 2013. After days of being unable to shoot due to poor weather, I got bored and decided to take my first plunge into the Arctic Ocean.

  • The Great Human Odyssey - Debuts February 12th on CBC-TV

    After two years of working on The Great Human Odyssey, I am happy to say that you will soon be able to watch it.

    Check out the following links for more info:

    The Great Human Odyssey | CBC The Nature of Things






    Clearwater Documentary

  • Shooting on Bird Island in Chukotka, Russia

    Just arrived back from Chukotka, Russia last week. Two weeks away for one shoot day. It took 3 commercial flights to Nome, Alaska, 1 charter plane across the Bering Straight, a Russian SUV taxi down a gravel highway for one hour, a 1940's military truck across the tundra for two hours, and a two hour boat ride to finally reach "Bird Island", and shoot one of the final scenes for the project. Here I am operating our 16 foot jib over the edge of the cliff, while our local climber Kolia repelled down to collect bird eggs.

  • My apologies for the lack of news over the past while. The past seven months have taken me to South Africa, Namibia, Botswana, England, Germany, Russia (three times, Siberia twice), Philippines, Denmark, Norway, and the Canadian Rockies. I have been working as one of the cinematographers on "The Human Odyssey", a three part series for The Nature of Things on CBC television. It has been an amazing, and humbling, experience working with so many different people, and witnessing such diverse ways of life. As we slowly wrap up production, I hope to post more than the cellphone photos that litter my Instagram feed. The series is scheduled to air in the spring of 2015. Keep checking back for more info and pics.

    Check out for more info.

  • Have spent the last 3 weeks shooting in Botswana and South Africa for Human Odyssey , a 3 part series for The Nature of Things on CBC for 2015, produced by Clearwater Documentary. Amazing places, people and wildlife. Check out my Instagram feed for some more photos. More to come.

  • September 13 - November 24, 2013 at the Art Gallery of Alberta. 

    More info here ...

    and photos of the exhibition can be viewed here ...

  • "Something Strangely Familiar" - A recent piece of work. Enjoy.

    Duration: 3min 20sec 

    a film by aAron munson
    produced by Trevor Anderson & aAron munson
    music written & performed by Clayton Alpha




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