Memories of Wadi Rum, Jordan. 
This pic is from our recreations shoot, depicting humans leaving Africa across the Sahara. 
Episode II of

Episode II of The Great Human Odyssey will be airing tomorrow night on CBC TV @ 8 pm. If you are in Edmonton, the third episode will be screening @ Metro Cinema (Garneau Theatre) on Saturday @ 3:30 pm, followed by a Q&A with the crew. 
This pic was taken while shooting  herders lassoing reindeer in Chukotka, Russia. Daron and I would shoot until our hands froze, and then switch out. Niobe was apparently capturing the sound of the sky. Was definitely one of my favourite shoots, and the most uncomfortable. 
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For those of you who have yet to see it, Episode 1 of The Great Human Odyssey airs tonight on CBC TV @ 8pm. 
Another pic from Namibia. Loved that desert. 
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Thank you to everyone who came out for our screening of The Great Human Odyssey tonight. Was wonderful to finally share it with you. A special thank you to Metro Cinema for hosting us. See you on February 21st, for the screening of Episode 3. @humanodyssey #humanodyssey

One of the more memorable nights from our travels over the past 2 years. Slept on top of this truck for a week while shooting in Botswana. Would wake up to herds of elephants passing by in the darkness. Hope to see many of you tomorrow night for the screening of The Great Human Odyssey @ the Garneau Theatre. There will be tickets for sale at the door, so come if you can. Screening starts a 7pm. @humanodyssey #humanodyssey #muchlatergram #botswana

I was told that the odds of getting eaten by a crocodile were slim in this part of the river. GOOD NEWS for those of you who don't yet have a ticket for Wednesday's screening of the Great Human Odyssey @ the Garneau Theatre. There will be a number of tickets available at the door. So get there a bit early, and you should be okay. Screening is @ 7 pm. 
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Our office in Botswana. Was the beginning of a 2 month shoot that also took us to South Africa, and Namibia.

The Great Human Odyssey website is now live.  Please check it out. Especially

Throwback to jumping into the Arctic Ocean for the first time. Wasn't the last. #siberia

Mr. Potato Head  By Elliott

The animation shorts package had me laughing through tears. So good. Congrats @rankinoscope Amazing film.

Spent the past few days in Berkeley, with Danish evolutionary biologist Eske Willerslev. The DNA research that he is doing on ancient human populations, is painting an incredible picture of what our world looked like over the past 100,000 years.

Working on editing a lassoing sequence today. One of the more difficult aspects of reindeer herding, involves catching the animals you want to pull your sleds. This, and much more,will be up on an interactive website that will go live in a few weeks. See @humanodyssey for more behind the scenes pics

Editing some behind the scenes videos from our trip to Siberia last March. Made me miss this little one.

Follow @humanodyssey for a behind the scenes look at the making of The Great Human Odyssey. The first episode airs on Feb 12 on the CBC's The Nature of Things. Check it out. 2 years of my life went into this.

The latest challenge. Editing 30 docs in 30 days.

Final day of film score recording.

Have spent the past 2 days hearing the score to our Great Human Odyssey come alive. Thank you to all the amazing people that made this happen. The series will broadcast on CBC in mid February.

Evening light

Home view.

Incredible place. Highly recommend visiting Wadi Rum. It's worth the trek.

Preparing to fly.

Mehedi & Eid


Attempting to get cell reception.

Along the Saudi border.


Spent the past few days shooting in Wadi Rum, Jordan. What an amazing place. Slept under the stars, and enjoyed the company of some newfound friends.

Arrived in Jordon. Our gear did not. Waiting at the airport hotel. Our aerials team had their equipment seized upon arriving a few days ago. Apparently the military wasn't notified of our shooting plans. At least there's a pool.

While many were having profound spiritual experiences being at the site of the crucifiction, I marvelled at the detail of this mosaic.

Today's shoot location. It may not look like much, but Shkul Cave is the site of the oldest human remains ever discovered outside of Africa. 10 individuals @ 120,000 yrs old.


Tel Aviv

Shooting sound @ 1500fps.


Too much data.

One of many young men buried here, his image faded away. Walking through the graveyard really gives you a sense of how hard life was, and is here. Last photo. Sorry for posting so many. Chukotka is an incredible place that few outsiders get to see. Hope you enjoyed.

Not anymore.

Hundreds of gas masks littered the floors of several buildings.

A hand painted poster reminding the workers of their duties slowly rots away.

Abandoned building #1.

Upon arriving back at the hunter's camp, we discovered that all the men had taken off on what would turn into a 3 day bender at a camp a few hours north. Vika took this photo of Niobe and I on the third day of our abandonment. Life in arctic Russia is one of the roughest I have witnessed. Alcoholism is responsible for many deaths. We learned that our favourite boat driver from last year had recently died. Apparently he had been drinking and wandered too close to a hawk's nest. He was found, barely alive, with his eyes gouged out and his face ripped off from repeated attacks by the hawk. He died on his way to the hospital. I was speechless.

Departing from the island at 1am. The boat ran out of gas at 2am and I fell asleep as the sun began to rise.

Setting up the jib. 110lbs of weights had to be carried up a cliff in our packs to balance it. 55lbs each + other gear :(

Kolia on the cliff collecting bird eggs from multiple nests. His life hangs on an old rope that four men hold tight at the top.There is only a brief window of time each year to gather the eggs before they hatch. Later we scrambled them over a fire. For Kolia, it means eating eggs once a year.

Kolia, our cliff climber. We had just arrived at our filming location on

Vika, my new camera assist.

The office.

Back to the whale graveyard.

The hunter's camp.

Back to the beginning, as we headed out onto the tundra towards the hunter's camp.

Provideniya, Russia. Home for the last week.

Your average apartment building in Provideniya. Half the city was abandoned after the collapse of the Soviet Union.

After two weeks in Chukotka, Russia, we have finally arrived one step closer to home. We spent the last 7days waiting for the skies to clear before we could fly out. Sorry for the latergrams. This was on the door of the town gym in Provideniya.

A herd of Muskox in Nome, Alaska. Flying over to Chukotka, Russia in a few hours. Hopefully.

The new view.


Sleepy sea turtle  #kona

The Hōkūleʻa & Hikianalia, preparing to set out for the first stretch of their voyage,Tahiti. #hokulea @hokuleawwv


One more from the Hōkūleʻa. #hokulea @hokuleawwv

Had the honour of shooting on the Hōkūleʻa Hawaiian voyaging canoe as it crossed the Maui Channel yesterday. This is the beginning of a 47,000 mile voyage that will take the Hōkūleʻa to 26 countries over the next three years. They will be guided using ancient Polynesian wayfinding techniques, observing the stars, ocean, wind, and birds as mapping points for direction. You can follow their voyage at @hokuleawwv #hokulea